You want friendly software?

03 March 2020
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The Software that helps you is the only one you need

The Software that helps you is the only one you need

Paolo Domenighetti, CTO of Goodcode, tells us about the infinite possibilities offered today by the world of Software development and the difficulties in getting the message across that it is precisely Software that must adapt to business processes and not vice versa.

Software House as a Friend is a concept that has matured over time, born from the certainty of being able to help companies simplify their work and from many meetings that have been inspiring from this point of view. I'll take one as an example.

I am in a meeting to evaluate the possibility of developing a Custom Software for a General Contractor: a type of client usually not appreciated by those who do my job. Not for lack of will, but because the technicians with whom I find myself discussing inevitably carry with them the baggage of the existing, of the fact: the certainty is always an ecosystem of Software installed in the company, which will have to live with a new dedicated solution on which to reason with me.

The Meeting script is the same as always: we start with an inventory of the Software present in the company, we continue with a list of the processes that this Software allows to carry out and with an analysis of the degree of integration between them. The meeting then ends with an overview of our Custom projects, which fortunately in many cases convinces the Team of the quality and variety of solutions that a customized Web App can guarantee.

So the project went through. That's good, right?

I mean, come on. The project begins, but once again I have the bitterness in my mouth. I realize how every Software of the ecosystem, even if it performs its function, could offer much more possibilities than those exploited by the company: Features are lost in the lack of interest given by the non-use, and what could be considered a Swiss army knife is actually used only as a simple corkscrew or as a single blade.

Not the most appropriate use. Or rather, it's a waste.

Of course: regardless of whether it is of a known brand or not, the Swiss army knife should serve to satisfy many needs at once. Even better if made on purpose by a craftsman with only the accessories actually useful to the owner. For Software, the same principle applies a bit. And most of the times I attend meetings of this kind, I realize how companies lack the readiness to notice the rigidity and unnecessary abundance of the most famous monolithic software.

Any examples?

Without naming names, these are "pre-packaged" software with a general purpose that works with different business models. These pre-packaged software are not tailor-made and are clearly intended for the mass market. This means that it is possible to buy the complete package, but then most of the features are not used: either because they are not needed (despite being paid for!), or because the company team is not able to use them to carry out all the planned activities.

So, what happens, you buy a Ferrari and practically keep it in the Garage all the time?

More or less the concept is that: often those responsible for processes find themselves ignoring the Software or bypassing it using other tools, adding complexity and new elements to an already very articulated scenario. Instead of buying a tool that favors and helps the business a lot you end up paying for a platform that only complicates processes and that requires an additional learning effort to entrepreneurs and employees, as if they didn't already have enough to do.

What is the correct approach when developing ad hoc Software?

What we try to do at Goodcode, the Software House owned by Ander Group, is to develop solutions that are born to solve the problems of our interlocutors. Software as a Friend - this is our Vision - is never an obstacle, it is not something to adapt to, but on the contrary it is a Software built to adapt to the needs of the customer and the Business. It's not just a trend that companies ride to prove they're on the piece: today Custom Software has become a real necessity, which guarantees enormous advantages.

What kind of advantages can a totally Custom Software provide to companies?

In a nutshell: it is a solution that can be built to be extended and upgraded without having to start from scratch; and because it is adaptable, flexible and agile. Like water.

Adaptable: Customers are more satisfied when certain features of a website or app perfectly match their expectations and requests.

Flexible: Customization helps to develop targeted functions for the audience. Tailor-made Software is flexible in the sense that it allows you to develop a clear interface. The process can be adapted and modified along the way; the development team can always go back and modify, optimize, add and remove functionality.

Agile: if implemented correctly, the tailored Software increases the quality of the product. Designers can experiment, correct errors and resume work from where they left off without compromising the initial stages of the project. The development process allows the team to make changes, thus ensuring that the customer is 100% satisfied.

With good peace of mind of customers who have chosen to rely on standard solutions that do not speak to each other, like the first ones you mentioned in the article.

Actually, in that case and luckily as it often happens, the facts have gone beyond words: after an initial phase a bit 'tiring in which I had to convince the customer of the goodness of our solutions, the Software was developed and delivered. Only at this point, that is, when he had the opportunity to use it and see it at work, our interlocutor really understood the quality of the investment made: he obtained a solution tailored to his needs and he did not have to disrupt his business processes or dispose of the Software he was already using. On the contrary, today he has a fully integrated ecosystem, which has put past and future in communication to give new strength to his Business.

You want friendly software?