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25 March 2020
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What is a management software and what is it for?

What is a management software and what is it for?

There is no entrepreneur who at some point in his career has not been asked the question: "Excuse me, but which Management Software do you use? If the question was followed by an expression not too convinced or a weak answer here is the commercial - we already imagine it - list an endless series of Management Software except then stop on one and say: "here: this is for you.

But what is a Management Software? A management software is a program that has the task of simplifying and automating business processes, so as to create order, optimize the time of resources employed and allow the Board to focus on how to make your business even more competitive and innovative.

What are Management Software for?

To answer this question in a more complete way than the above, it is necessary to make a clarification first: "Management Software" is a very general term that as such embraces very different and almost opposite programs.

If you have a restaurant you will probably need Software that helps you automate the booking process, help you manage staff shifts and calculate when to call suppliers to purchase the necessary food and beverage supplies. These are requirements that, in all likelihood, you will not have if your business is related to software development or is more commercial.

The best Management Software for your company, in short, is the one that really helps you to manage the most complex and challenging aspects of your business. There are standard and tailor-made ones.

What are the areas in which Management Software has the greatest impact?

Restaurant management programs

Have you ever noticed that less and less often you see waiters taking orders with pen and paper but more and more often with Tablets and Smartphones? This "revolution" is due to the spread of Management Software for restaurants, thanks to which it is possible, in addition to sending the command in the kitchen:

  • manage the purchases;
  • handle the separate account and the take-out;
  • issue an invoice, receipt or tax receipt
  • know immediately which tables are free, which are booked, which have already paid and which have just ordered;
  • Have full visibility of all the rooms of which the restaurant is composed;
    ...and much more.

Management programs for commercial activities

Managing a store is much easier when you can rely on Software that never loses memory, that doesn't make notes on fluttering post-its and that follows you step by step in managing your business. Thanks to Business Software it will be possible, among other things:

  • analyze the sales of the single item, knowing the stock and being able to order other units in case of need;
  • view stocks by colour and size;
  • issue and archive invoices;
  • issue, manage and cancel Fidelity Card;
  • connect the cash registers;
  • export xls files with all the archives and data on the goods;
  • registration of purchase invoices and returns to the supplier.

Hotel management programs

Managing bookings, cancellations and notes left by individual guests has never been easier, as well as collecting bookings from aggregators such as, Trivago or dozens of other platforms dedicated to hotel facilities. Having an effective Hotel Software also allows you to:

  • enter the number of rooms that can be booked and divide them by cost, comfort, floor and type;
  • register the occupants of each room;
  • charge the room for any drinks that have been made by guests;
  • issue invoices and refunds;
  • run the warehouse;
  • manage purchases and stocks with suppliers.

Management programs for invoices

The more difficult the accounting on the farm is to manage, the more it will be necessary to rely on a programme that helps in carrying out very delicate operations, where even a small mistake can lead to serious problems.

Management Software for invoices are among the most used by professionals and companies and have a number of advantages, among which we would like to mention:

  • set graphs for certain time intervals;
  • sales analysis for each single item with the possibility of analysing its trend through a User-Friendly interface;
  • print VAT purchase and sales registers;
  • have the detail of the turnover for each individual customer;
  • manage the loading and unloading movements;
  • create and modify warehouse inventory;
  • accounting note and first note cash;
  • calculation of commissions for each individual agent.

Equipping yourself with the latest generation of Management Software is not only a way to save time but also the ideal way to optimize your business, increase turnover and at the same time reduce returns and losses.

Customized Management Software? That's why we're here.

If your business needs the implementation of a management program that is perfectly tailored to its needs and requires features that standard solutions cannot guarantee, we at Goodcode have what you need.

We are able to fit into the business processes without changing the working habits of employees and entrepreneurs, but on the contrary by intervening in problem areas offering absolutely ad hoc solutions.
A management system must not be an enemy to fight, but a valid help. We believe that friends are really a treasure. We believe in Software... as a friend.

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