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10 September 2020
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What iPaaS means and why your company would benefit from it

What iPaaS means and why your company would benefit from it

Integration has always been a problem especially for those companies that are taking the first steps in their Digital Transformation process. The continuous need for speed and interconnectivity has inevitably led to the exponential growth of Integration Platform as a Service (otherwise known as iPaaS) solutions.

iPaaS is a suite of Cloud services that enables the development, execution and governance of integration flows connecting any combination of processes, services, applications and on-premises and Cloud-based data of both the individual and between a set of organizations.

Partitioning as a Disservice: i.e. what happened before

Before Salesforce was born and established, data and processes were distributed across multiple applications, hindering a complete and effective view. Companies used intermediary programs to link software within their companies, but the move to the Cloud created a new problem.

While these same organizations were integrating their business applications to tear down information silos, a new cloud silos problem was on the horizon, resulting in hundreds of applications and services unable to communicate with each other.

The potential of an Integration Platform as a Service system

iPaaS solutions now offer faster integration times, convenient subscription models and multi-tenant software architectures. iPaaS solutions also take care of platform implementation, management, troubleshooting and maintenance.

The adoption of Integration Platforms Solutions is on a continuous and rapid rise, and the reason is soon explained: the cause is the increased traction of Cloud Computing applications and the wide need for efficient processes for the development and management of business applications.

What does the market and the role of IoT and Artificial Intelligence say?

According to Market Research Future Analysis, the global iPaaS market is estimated to generate revenue of approximately $2 billion by 2023, expanding at an annual growth rate of 22% between 2017-2023.

In addition, the expansion of IoT and IA devices is pushing for a greater need for governance, management and data connectivity, making companies offering Integration Platform services even more central to the next phase of innovation.

What are the advantages of iPaaS solutions?

The capabilities of iPaaS Solutions include synchronizing customer records between two different Cloud-based Software, sending orders from Cloud-based Software to an on-site application, or extracting sales data from an application in the on-site data warehouse.

At present many Integration Platforms have grown to include:

  • the management of API,
  • the API Gateway Software,
  • electronic data exchange
  • the extraction, processing operations.

iPaaS solutions are constantly expanding their feature sets to meet growing consumer demand, and many offer end-to-end support and capabilities for integration and creation of native Cloud APIs.

Integration Platform as a Friend

At Goodcode we believe in a fully interconnected and functional universe, where systems are able to talk to each other and there is no loss of information and data due to outdated infrastructure and no longer in step with the available IT solutions.

That's why we have worked, and we still work, with companies of all kinds who want to tackle their Digital Transformation process in a comprehensive and seamless way.

To know in detail what we can offer you and how we can help your company improve in terms of process optimization and efficiency, you only have to ask us. We love the Cloud in all its forms and we are passionate about it, especially if we can explain its features to someone who could fully enjoy it.

At this point only one question: coffee with or without sugar? Book an appointment HERE now.

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