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02 April 2020
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ICT and Business: what do you need to know?

ICT and Business: what do you need to know?

The acronym ICT is one of those most often encountered when looking for topics related to programming or software creation.

In 3 words? Information Communication Technology, which means a little bit of everything and a little bit of nothing.

A good way to simplify the concept is to think of ICT as the set of techniques, methods and applications that help people, companies and organizations to manage the information that is important to them.

In an industry where technology is advancing at great speed, being equipped with the most innovative digital infrastructures allows employees to work more efficiently and optimize time losses; and customers to get more accurate and reliable services thanks to an immediate communication system.

ICT is becoming one of the central factors in a company's success or failure, and the benefits of using it are certainly not negligible.

Helps improve Customer Satisfaction

Mobile phones, PCs, laptops and in general any device that promotes communication both internally and externally fall within the competence of ICT. Speeding up communication between departments and with unsatisfied customers can lead to a significant drop in the cancellation of orders - and therefore returns - or recessions in the case of service companies.

Allows you to manage resources more efficiently based on workloads

ICT also includes all the tools used for human resources management. Thanks to tailor-made software it will be possible for the HR department to no longer deal with tasks such as scheduling working hours, assigning tasks, calculating holidays or early exits: everything will be done automatically depending on the parameters entered.

Encourages training

We live in an age where you can connect remotely to seminars or videoconferences, attend online lessons from the comfort of your PC and even do exercises in Real Time. Training and updating used to be much more complex and - above all - expensive. The exponential growth of ICT has led to more opportunities for professionals to grow and entrepreneurs to spend less on training. A Win Win Situation.

Allows to speed up the communication between Staff and Management

Improving communication tools means having answers in shorter timescales and therefore facing the challenges that the market confronts us with every day in a more aware and effective way. Not only telephones and e-mail: Video Conference, Video Chat and live presentations are some examples of how Information Communication Technology has given - and gives every day - a big hand to companies to grow.

Information Communication Technology... as a Friend

At Goodcode, we at Goodcode are well aware of how many challenges companies face to stay afloat - and indeed excel - in a market that is becoming more and more competitive every day. What we do with passion, curiosity and commitment is to provide them with totally custom tools that can automate all those time-consuming routine operations and allow professionals to focus on more value-added activities.

Solving problems of management and optimization of business processes is not only our job... we really like it! If you feel you have this need we invite you to have a coffee with us. The coffee is good and the company also. Write to us here and schedule a meeting with us!

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