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16 June 2020
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ERP and CRM: How can they help your business?

ERP and CRM: How can they help your business?

Technology is an ally of companies, it is always said, but without giving too much substance to these statements. How does it help companies in a concrete way? Two acronyms, two different types of solutions: ERP and CRM.

Although the two terms may seem almost synonymous, in reality they represent two different solutions that respond to different needs. Understanding what one can give and what the other can give to companies is a crucial junction on the road to optimization and success.

More Lead through Customer Relationship Management

Let's start with CRM, Customer Relationship Management. Its main role is to manage the customers who populate a company's database, gathering in-depth information about them, their wishes and how they interact with the company. CRM is an invaluable weapon for Sales and Marketing departments because it allows them to refine their messages to make them almost personalized and - potentially - more fruitful.

The most important advantages of using CRM Software are:

  • help improve customer service
  • help to finalize more accurate reports and better understand purchasing trends
  • acquire profiled leads to be then turned to the sales department for the actual closure
  • provide a unified view of customer information so you know their buying habits

Less waste and optimized management thanks to ERPs

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and is a term that brings together all those resources that allow you to better manage the planning of corporate resources.

The integrated ERP software therefore allows you to receive real-time analysis and vital data for all company departments. The areas where such solutions can be crucial are:

  • inventory management
  • purchasing planning
  • customer relationship management
  • shipping and billing
  • production and delivery
  • inventory management
  • supply chain management
  • accounting

What is the difference between CRM and ERP?

Trivializing much, they're two sides of the same coin. CRM Software are focused on Front-End and act more at sales level: they are ideal for those companies that need a lot of Lead and are therefore oriented to a Customer market; ERP are instead more focused on Back-End process optimization and are therefore essential if you want to cut costs and optimize available resources, increase productivity and create a single point of contact through the integration of separate business functions.

ERP and CRM as a Friend: why tailor-made solutions?

At Goodcode, we have helped many companies improve their processes by creating customized CRM and ERP components that simplify business management and allow our customers to maximize time and resources.

We did it with our style and our rules: on the one hand - where there were no pre-existing systems to intervene on - by creating entire digital ecosystems from scratch; on the other hand by tiptoeing in and creating ad hoc components to allow specific functionality to companies that had already equipped themselves with CRM and ERP platforms, but felt they had needs that they were unable to meet.

ERP and CRM as a Friend, always faithful to the line, always at the service of customers. If you would like to discuss your needs over a good cup of tea, don't wait any longer and contact us here.

You want friendly software?