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15 April 2020
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What is Cloud Management?

What is Cloud Management?

Cloud Management As A Service (also abbreviated to CMAAS) is the perfect solution for those customers who are constantly looking for consistent ROI and want to encompass all Cloud services in a single platform.

What is CMAAS and what may be the most common applications?

Automate, monitor, encode: CMAAS is the future of the Cloud

Cloud Management as a Service can be extremely useful for:

  • Install your web application, with all its stack, on Amazon AWS;
  • Instantly create a virtual machine with Windows or Linux as an Operating System with or without applications and development stacks;
  • Set Auto Scaling to Amazon AWS applications;
  • Encode your media files and move applications from Amazon to Azure;
  • Monitor websites, view and analyze errors and crashes;
  • Set up a virtual private cloud or VPN Gateway;
  • Automatically create events within CRM;
  • Check the correct functioning of the API and automate the restart in case of problems;
  • Automatically send e-mails to support in case of malfunctions;
  • Monitor Operating Systems, Applications, Website and Infrastructure AWS (Amazon Web Services) in one place;
  • Increase the safety of the platform for signalling and fault diagnosis;
  • View Analytics of the site in real time.

Simplify business processes to increase ROI

A solid Cloud Management strategy can help companies achieve three important results:


Users can access a public or private cloud, review current instances or create new ones, monitor usage and costs and adjust resource allocation.


CMAAS makes automation possible through Workflows. Thanks to these automations, companies can bring their Prospect and Lead from one step to the other of the Customer Journey without the slightest human intervention.


Security also benefits from this new technology: should an employee try to move a private cloud to the public cloud, the manager would receive a warning that would allow him/her to block the transfer.

Other advantages are the possibility to significantly reduce the time that staff normally spend monitoring the health of the infrastructure, to receive automatic alerts according to personalized rules and to see the services offered from the perspective of the end user.

Cloud Analysis

CMAAS enables continuous analysis of Cloud Computing work and user experiences (UX). In a private Cloud environment, organizations can ensure the proper functioning of the infrastructure and help with workload balancing and planning, while in the public Cloud performance metrics or downtime help assess compliance with Cloud Service Level Agreements.

You want friendly software?