You want friendly software?

as a Friend

Imagine having someone to help you do the jobs that bore you the most, even the most complex ones. Someone who always knows how to get you, who is nice, non-intrusive and responsive. We call him a friend. "Friendly software," to be precise. Would you like to meet him?


In two words?
Friendly Software

Uncompromising IT Solutions

We have seen companies revolutionize their business model, entrepreneurs who self-censor and modify their personalities to adapt to third-party software.

We thought it was not only weird, but really wrong. Goodcode was born exactly from here: from the idea of proposing a Software that accompanies the company, that understands its needs and helps it to achieve its business goals.

A friend listens to you

The code that simplifies your processes

Our proprietary development framework is a set of applications and tools that allows you to codify a business process and translate it into added value.

A friend is not intrusive, he knows when you need him and when you need him he's always there. The Framework we have developed is like this: it is agile, totally customizable with ad hoc integrations, it adheres to your company's processes and supports them without limiting the creativity and energy of the resources that work there.

A friend understands you

Software as a Friend: Let's build it together

We are not executors, we don't like to work by looking at the clock, nor do we like to enter a job running only for the operational phase: our strength lies in listening, finding the solution, designing it and accompanying the customer in the long term.

We put all our energy and our Expertise in every activity, we make it our own and develop it with the synergy of Ander Group, our strategic partner in the Branding and Marketing areas.

Florian Anderhub

Florian Anderhub

Founder & CEO

+41 76 347 49 39

Paolo Domenighetti

Paolo Domenighetti

Founder & CTO

+41 79 368 86 04

A friend is always
there when you need...

What can we help you with

The skills we have gained are our heritage: it is thanks to them that we have developed IT solutions able to simplify the work of our customers by supporting them in the provision of services and products.

  • Secure management of user and credentials pools
  • ERP and CRM components to simplify business management
  • Integration of third party services through ready-to-use Clients or Drivers
  • Complex object recognition and forecasting via Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Encryption techniques for sensitive data
  • Homomorphic encryption for managing encoded data in the Cloud
  • Automated creation of documents and reports in Excel and Word from third-party platforms
  • Cloud Management as a Service (CMAAS) for the creation of public or private Cloud environments

A friend is ready
to give you a hand

Because we can help you

Always passionate about everything that is "encodable", we have developed skills that make us true experts in the creation of custom software. We are NERD in short and we are by vocation.

  • Computer Vision / Object Recognition
  • Implementation of Neural Networks for Deep Learning processes

  • User Database (User Pools)
  • Standard Authentication or MFA
  • Single Sign On Authentication
  • Amazon AWS Cognito Integration
  • User behavior monitoring
  • Amazon AWS Cognito user and credentials management
  • User and credentials management

  • Private and public key cryptography
  • Key management and key generation
  • Partial homomorphic cryptography (polynomial)
  • Complete homomorphic encryption

  • Persistence to POJO/ORM objects
  • SQL database design and management
  • Export/import Legacy Database

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Adobe Acrobat PDF

  • Java Web Server and Templating Engine
  • Dynamic JavaScript and React Themes

  • Apache MQ
  • Amazon AWS SES Client

  • Echelon (Networked Energy Solutions)
  • Landis & Gyr
  • Siemens

  • Cloud Management Client for Amazon AWS SDK
  • Telemetry and monitoring Amazon AWS
  • Orchestration of Amazon AWS services

  • Google Maps client
  • Swisstopo clients
  • GIS mapping, tessellation and orientation on Google maps and Swisstopo
  • Web map and Raster GIS web conversion

  • HubSpot
  • SAP 4HANA client

  • Progel Planet
  • Bexio
  • SAP 4HANA Client
  • SAP personal data management
  • SAP contract management

  • ABB n-axis programming
  • Programming n-assi Kuka
  • CNC code translation/compilation to G-code
  • Siemens PLC programming via Snap7 Driver

A friend
makes your life easier

On the clouds, with head

Tired of metal? Does your hardware infrastructure age too quickly and has its maintenance and updating become a daily energy drain?

AWS Certified Partner
We believe that the IT infrastructure is a resource that supports your operations and not the other way around.


With Amazon AWS you can count on:

  • Automation updates (Software and Virtual Hardware).
  • Automatic weighting of resources and computational capabilities.
  • Costs on consumption: you pay what you use and not a penny more: traditional Web Hosting services, you pay regular commissions even if nobody uses your application. With our Cloud-based Hosting no.

You want to migrate now?
We'll take you with:

  • Inventory and mapping of your services and resources
  • Cloud infrastructure design "ideal for you"
  • Precise forecast of one-off and recurring costs
  • Migration and implementation
  • Monitoring and telemetry

Not only Infrastructure-as-a-Service
Using a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) architecture, we can leverage existing code and Assets and migrate a current application to the Cloud. Alternatively, we can advise you on converting a monolithic application into a microservice based application based on a PaaS, SaaS or Serverless architecture.

A friend wants what's best for

The Goodcode Method

We believe the secret to success lies in the organization. That's why we have developed a method that allows our customers to be sure of the type of Software they are looking for and we have all the elements to make it happen.

In the first phase of each project, after having collected and analyzed the client's requests, we create a mini-document that contains the first technological indications and the steps foreseen for the project.

The creation of a more extensive document allows us to provide concrete answers to initial needs and to formalize the system architecture at the data model and Business Logic level.

Prototyping and development
Once the requirements have been set, we create a demo to provide the customer with so that he becomes familiar with the project. The actual realization of the solution follows

Testing and optimization
After completing the project, we test its operation and test its safety: we do so following the standards set by the OWASP Guide for code revision.

We prepare the technical documentation necessary for the customer and other developers to carry the project forward over time and possibly extend it.

The last mile: i.e. the Release phase or, in the case of a third-party solution, the configuration and installation phase.

Friendship is
by facts.

Coded projects

We like to have our head in the clouds, ergo in the Cloud, but our feet firmly planted on the ground. That's why we believe in the value of testimony.

Here are the realities with which we have had the pleasure to codify our projects. Projects born from the meeting of needs and skills and that have helped our clients to overcome problems that prevented them from achieving the results they wanted to achieve.

Real systems, not just components.

You want friendly software?